What to Know Before Deciding on a Roof Replacement

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If you walk outside, look at the state of your roof, and wonder if it should be fixed, you’re not alone. Many people wonder if their home could be improved with a new roof. What do you need to know before deciding on a roof replacement?

What to Know Before Deciding on a Roof Replacement

Look for these specific problems:

  • Interior leaking. Damp or moistened areas in the home, particularly in the ceiling or attic, can be a sure sign that your roof has been compromised. You should call a roofing contractor to inspect your home to determine if this is the case. If so, it would be more cost-effective to tackle the issue immediately, rather than wait and let the issue build.
  • A sagging roof. Though it may be obvious, a sturdy roof should appear straight and firm. If you happen to notice that your roof is sagging to some degree, this may be caused by moisture being trapped, which harms the structuring underneath. If not properly addressed, this may cause partial or even complete cave-ins.
  • Mossy shingles. Perhaps the most visually evident sign of a necessary roof replacement is moss or fungi. Should your shingles become covered in moss, this can also trap moisture and slowly deteriorate the strength of the structure.

Take these key issues into consideration when deciding on whether a roof replacement is necessary. It may save you far more money in the long run.