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As a locally owned roofing company, we take pride in performing roof restoration services for our clients.

When you look at the roof on your Jacksonville, Florida home, do you feel proud of the sight? Or could your roof use a little attention? Since the roof sits at the top of a structure, it tends to take a lot of abuse. Rainfall pelts down on the materials used to construct the roof, and high winds can blow debris onto the upper level of the home. Other problems that can affect the appearance and functionality of a roof include algae and moss growth and missing shingles. When the roofing materials wear out, they can start to look a little less appealing as well.

Roof Restoration in Jacksonville, Florida

At Jacksonville Roofing USA, we can improve the appearance of the roof on your home through our professional roof restoration services. When performing this task, we can restore a damaged roof to its previous condition, whether it needs a repair or a thorough cleaning service. If you’re interested in improving the way your roof looks from the ground level, contact us to discuss roof restoration services. We’ll come to your property to perform an assessment and talk to you about our findings. If we find that your roof is a good candidate for restoration, we’ll provide you with a free estimate so you can decide how you want to proceed.

As a locally owned roofing company, we take pride in performing roof restoration services for our clients. We use top-rated products and equipment that work well to restore roofing materials and improve the way they look. Give us a call today to learn more or get started.

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Roof Restoration FAQs

Your roofing provides essential protection for the interior of your home, but this means that it tends to take a lot of abuse that can leave it worse for wear. In some cases, a roof replacement is necessary, but there are many situations where a roof restoration would provide the solution you need. If you’re curious about roof replacements, we at Jacksonville Roofing USA are here to answer your questions. Check out these FAQs to find the answers you seek, or contact us directly if you don’t see what you need here.

When should I consider a roof restoration?

Roof restorations are generally an acceptable option when the damage you’re dealing with is minor and does not compromise the integrity of the entire roof. However, each roof needs individual assessment to determine if restoration is a wise choice, or if it is better to move forward with replacement.

What are some signs that my roof might need restoration?

Common signs include shingles or tiles that are cracked, broken, or missing, evidence of mold or algae growth, minor leaks, and a generally worn-out appearance.

How does the roof restoration process work?

The process generally starts with a thorough cleaning, followed by any necessary repairs such as replacing missing or broken shingles or patching a leak. Once the repairs are done, the roof is resealed, and a protective coating may be applied for added strength and longevity.

How long will a restored roof last?

This depends on the unique roof, but you can generally expect a restored roof to last several more years with proper care and maintenance.

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At Jacksonville Roofing USA, we offer roof restoration services for customers in Jacksonville, Orange Park, St. Augustine, Middleburg, Lakeside, Green Cove Springs, and throughout Clay County, Florida.


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