Got a Leak? How to Visually Pinpoint Where Metal Roof Repair Is Needed

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Leaky metal roofs lead to damaged insulation, rotting rafters and decking, potential mold issues, and other major repair headaches. However, the biggest challenge is often finding exactly where the leak is. The bright side? There are several straightforward techniques you can use yourself to spot such leaks safely and accurately before calling a metal roof repair expert. Read along to discover where you should start looking.

Got a Leak? How to Visually Pinpoint Where Metal Roof Repair Is Needed

  • Check for Rust. Rust is usually the main culprit behind metal roof leaks. Inspect the roof surface, looking closely near seams and joints for any visible corrosion or blistering paint. Wherever you find rust is quite likely the source of the leak.
  • Any Crimping, Dents, or Holes? Any compromises to the physical integrity of the metal panels can allow water infiltration. Carefully examine for even minor dents, crimped metal seams not sitting flush, fastener holes that have stretched over time, or any gaps or holes punched through.
  • Look for Any Missing or Loose Fasteners. Fasteners, like screws or nails, are the main anchor points for metal roof panels. They secure the panels to the roof deck, minimizing improper roof movements that can dislodge these panels. Check that none are missing or have come loose, as they can leave openings for water intrusion.
  • Check Whether There Are Misaligned Panels. Metal roof panels must be correctly connected and overlapped at transition points for water to sheet off the surface. Any obvious gaps, separations, buckling, or misalignments indicate potential spots for leaks, and they’ll require urgent metal roof repair.

Next Steps

If you spot or suspect any of the above issues, take action by contacting a metal roof repair expert near you. Alternatively, if you live in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas, call us today to schedule a professional inspection and receive a free roofing estimate!