Signs You Need a New Roof

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The roof of your home plays an important part in the function, look, and comfort of your home. It is important to take a look at your roof from time to time. You will want to look for signs that may indicate that you need roof repair or replacement. It can at times be difficult to know if you need to spend the money for a new roof. You can call a roofing company, like Jacksonville Roofing USA, to come out and assess your roof for you. Some of the things they will be looking for and what you can also be looking for are:

  • Stains or Streaks – If you notice dark stains or streaks inside your home on or around your ceiling, then your roof is going to need some attention. If it is a small and confined area that has been affected, then roof repair may be possible. But, if it is not confined to one small area, then a new roof may be needed.

Signs You Need a New Roof

  • Rot and Decay – If you notice that your wood or asphalt shingles are rotted, decayed, or missing, then it is important to have your roof further assessed as you may need a new roof.
  • Age – The age of your roof is important to know. If your roof is over 20 years old, then it may be time to have a new roof installed.

There are many reasons for needing a new roof. Just three of those reasons are discussed here. If you are unsure or concerned about your roof, then please give us a call. We are happy to help you in any way we can.